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Football Outsiders – One Foot Inbounds: Georgia Comes In From the Cold

At Football Outsiders, the weekend review is up, featuring Jarvis Jones' over-the-top afternoon in the Cocktail Party. Plus: Notes, a new top 25 and the weekly Lowsman Trophy watch.


One Foot Inbounds: Georgia Comes In From the Cold.

The triumph over Florida was all defense, all day long, in very large part thanks to the one player no one ever considered calling soft, outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, who spent the afternoon rampaging through the Gator offense like a dreadlocked Grendel through a Medieval village. If you prefer a more recent comparison, perhaps Lawrence Taylor will do: Aside from his intangible influence as a pass rusher, Jones' final stat line Saturday included 13 tackles, five tackles for loss, three sacks and two forced fumbles, including the game-saving strip on Gator tight end Jordan Reed just before Reed crossed the goal line for the tying touchdown in the fourth quarter.

One week after feasting on a barrage of turnovers against South Carolina, Florida gave the ball away six times in the muck and failed to score a touchdown. Coming into the game, the Gators had only given the ball away four times all year, fewest in the conference. Just one more example of the long-term dangers of living by the fumble.

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