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Video: Dave Christensen, uncensored

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Wyoming's head coach acted like an even bigger dick after the Air Force game than anyone thought

Last Saturday was "Military Appreciation Night" at Wyoming, in honor of a visit from the Cowboys' Mountain West rival, Air Force. Here's Wyoming coach Dave Christensen, showing his appreciation for Academy coach Troy Calhoun after the game by belligerently calling his counterpart "Howdy Doody" and a "flyboy" with "no fucking ethics" and "no fucking integrity":

Aaaaannnddd... cue the official reprimand from the Mountain West Conference. I wonder if anyone the office actually saw this before it wagged its finger at "provocative postgame conduct" – the video was only posted on Thursday, two days after the reprimand – or if it was only going on what it had heard. If it's the latter, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the league or the university followed up with a suspension.

As if it actually matters: By all accounts, Christensen was irate over an apparent head injury to Air Force's starting quarterback, Connor Dietz, which Christensen believed was intentionally faked in order to stop the clock on a fourth quarter touchdown drive... with a little more than eight minutes remaining in the game, and the Falcons sitting on all three timeouts. I'm not making that up:

After Saturday night's game, Christensen confronted Air Force coach Troy Calhoun on the field and questioned whether Falcons quarterback Connor Dietzwas really injured when he left the game for one play with about eight minutes left in the fourth quarter and Wyoming leading 27-21. He said the several minutes that trainers attended to Dietz gave Air Force time to strategize the next play.

Air Force (3-3, 2-1 Mountain West) scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown when backup quarterback Kale Pearson ran a bootleg in from 5 yards out on third down after Dietz left.

The referee announced that Dietz, by rule, had to leave the game because his helmet came off. At the time, Air Force had all three of its timeouts available.

When the game ended, Christensen was visibly upset as he met Calhoun on the field. Calhoun described the meeting with Christensen as "probably not a conversation that I'd have with my mom." In interviews after the game, Christensen continued to criticize Air Force, saying he didn't believe Dietz was hurt. "In this game, we're supposed to be ethical and that's not ethical," he said.

On Tuesday, as part of my regular "Worst of the Week" column for CBS, I inducted Christensen into the "Lowlights Hall of Fame" based strictly on that (relatively tame) description of him pressing a cynical, paranoid conspiracy theory concerning an opposing player's brain – not only because of the cynicism and paranoia, or even the lack of decorum inherent in pursuing it, but also because Air Force gained no apparent advantage as a result of the injury. Why would the Falcons intentionally take their starting quarterback off the field on a critical 3rd-and-goal situation that could (and eventually did) decide the game? And want to take him off so desperately that they would forego a timeout and have him fake an injury? With more than half a quarter left to play? What possible motivation could have been at work in this scenario?

But at that point I had not seen the actual video of the confrontation. Now that I have, what else is there to say? At least in this context, Dave Christensen is a huge, temperamental dick.