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Football Outsiders – Seventh Day Adventure: Manziel Mania Meets its Match

The weekly picks column is live at Football Outsiders, featuring analysis, advanced stats and predictions for the weekend's biggest games, and the emerging myth of Johnny Manziel.


Seventh Day Adventure: Manziel Mania Meets its Match:

Of the many footnotes accompanying Johnny Manziel's emergence as one of a very small handful of must-watch players in college football, begin with the fact that almost no one watching Texas A&M's spring practices expected him to be the Aggies' starting quarterback. No, by all accounts at the time, that job was Jameill Showers' to lose. It was Showers, the reports said, who possessed the arm, the experience, and the poise. Manziel? Talented kid, sure, but too green. Too erratic on the field and off. This is all on the record.

Through six games, Showers has yet to attempt a meaningful pass and the myth of Manziel -– also known as "Johnny Football," a born natural -– is already taking root. How could it not?

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