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I wish there was a way to figure the number of posts I made to this version of SMQ since moving from the original site two years ago, just prior to the start of the 2006 season, without spending hours in the archives, counting on my fingers. SiteMeter recorded a little over 1.28 million unique visitors since then, peaking in January of this year -- the only month in its run that SMQ drew more than 100,000 different sets of eyeballs -- but without a spreadsheet or desktop calculator, I'm worthless with numbers. Usually even with those things, too.

So that's it then. Many people said many very nice things about SMQ and made it seem bigger, better, and more influential that it ever actually was -- by the numbers, at least, and this site has always trusted the numbers unless there's some compelling reason not to. All of these people are greatly appreciated for helping sustain and give some rough direction to an entirely ambition-less hobby. All of you who fall into this category are a little wacked out, frankly, and I thank you.

I'm out of town all day today and most of the weekend, but I'll be along shortly to pass on the whereabouts of my new digs, once the place is up and running and properly branded, etc. The posts there will probably be shorter and more frequent, but I don't know how to write like anyone else, and (so far) have not been asked to try.

Anyway, come early, stay loud, wrap up with both arms, and keep it real. Peace out.