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There's a reason this week has been a rather ad hoc affair instead of the precise, disciplined preview laser I promised a couple weeks back: in the interim, I became a short-timer. After a couple months of wary circling, swooped in and made and offer your poor, grad-schoolin' host could not refuse. The last post on Sunday Morning Quarterback will go up in a couple weeks, when I'll also let readers know where to find me for the upcoming season. Only hint: that place doesn't exist yet.

The original Blogspot site started three years ago as a hobby, and looks like it from this vantage point, although I was proud of the way it looked at the time. There were never any expectations of an audience or advancement of any kind, no conception of a larger college football community online, certainly no expectation to ever make a penny, and the whole project probably should have died after Hurricane Katrina left me Web-less and listless for more than a month -- had I not had some early and probably unwarranted encouragement from Brian Cook and a few others, it likely would have. It nearly died again early in 2006, when the first interminable offseason presented what would quickly become a very familiar wall. I'm not sure exactly what prompted the encouragement and even sponsorship of people like Orson Swindle/Spence Hall and especially Peter Bean, but Sunday Morning Quarterback almost certainly would not have existed long without them, and would not have thrived as I think (I hope) it has without the contributions of regular readers, commenters and occasional tipsters. Anyone who does it can attest that this bit often veers disconcertingly close to becoming an all-encompassing obsession, if it doesn't actually go careening over that edge, but it's also a slog without the feedback and interaction of an active community.

This site has a couple weeks left, which will not be mailed in -- hell, they have to count because at this point I expect the last dozen posts to remain on the front of this page FOREVER! I'll be offering my final big-picture thoughts on the coming season next week -- more or less business as usual. In the meantime, I've set up some categorized archives on the left sidebar, which have not emerged perfectly but are hopefully navigable enough at this point to wade through and hold up for posterity. As always, you can hit 'Archives' on the toolbar underneath the banner and work your way through everything written here since SMQ came onto SBN almost two years ago. Mostly, this is good for getting a sense of how completely, totally wrong I am most of the time.