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The Internet, Where All Your Fantasies Really Do Come True

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Not that you'd ever need to go there, especially in the summer, but if for some reason you have tried to access any part of the official Web site of the Bowl Championship Series,, since last week, you've probably come across an interesting surprise:

Surely there is a very good explanation for this, such as a re-launch, or rebuild, or a move to another domain that for whatever reason has not replaced on a Google search for "Bowl Championship Series" or the Wikipedia page for the BCS or the FOX Sports CFB home page, or something, and not simply an embarrassing oversight by the Series, FOX Sports and/or its various other corporate masters, who of course are very much on top of such routine details of running a modern organization. Maybe they've decided to, uh, move away from the Web?

Although, whatever the explanation, I'd like to buy the algorithm that generated the picture of the kids playing soccer a drink. 

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Hat tip: a mysterious e-mailer who goes by "Sports Information." Anyone who can explain why this is or is not what it looks like, by all means, proceed. I just spoke to Orson Swindle and he says he's going to buy it, so act quickly.

[UPDATE, 1:41 pm CT 7/24/08] Commenter "georgiablue" notes that the url now redirects to the FOX Sports home page. So somebody somewhere is paying attention.