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Antonio Henton, On the Midnight Train to Georgia

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Terrelle Pryor arrives on campus this weekend to enroll in the summer semester, carried by hordes of shirtless, grunting slaves on a platform flanked with statues of roaring lions to clear his path and golden calves kneeling while turning in humility from his splendor, and preceded by an army of hundreds of thousands dedicated to the expansion of the power, influence and absurd wealth of the divine prince among them. Verily, the earth shall quake at his presence, nations and skirts shall fall with a wave of his hands and the strongest men must bow before their master or flee a certain doom.

As the rest of Columbus quivers in fear and awe, Antonio Henton has chosen to escape his bench-bound fate before the competition costs him his freedom or his head, or at least his second year of eligibility:

Henton: out. At least they can't say he didn't look interested.
- - -

Ohio State quarterback Antonio Henton is expected to transfer to Georgia Southern soon, according to several sources close to the team.

Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel refused to confirm the move today, saying only that Henton, "is a good kid."

Henton would be the second OSU quarterback to leave the program since January, when Rob Schoenhoft transferred to Delaware.
Attempts to reach Henton and his family were unsuccessful. His high-school coach at Peach County (Ga.), Rance Gillespie, is now the offensive coordinator at Georgia Southern. He did not immediately return a call.

- - -

Henton his own self forced Rob Schoenhoft's transfer in January by securing the top backup role to Todd Boeckman, but never did anything from his vantage point on the sideline to aid the Buckeyes' mythical championship run aside from the requisite shenanigans: Antonio, you'll recall, was the guy who was stung by an undercover cop posing as a hooker last September, all the more reason to get the hell out of this town. The demons, man.

Pryor is the only quarterback in the incoming class, leaving ex-minor league baseball player Joe Bauserman as the only warm body between Terrelle and the bottom of the depth chart, such as it is. Bauserman will remain, by decree: Terrelle deigns not to run your scout team.