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Bienvenidos, Amigos y Amantes.

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Well, this is a little different, I think. Big, black headlines instead of little orange ones, ads flashing. Avatars! We're in the big time, baby. I know the line at the top says SMQ is a Major League Baseball blog now, albeit an unofficial one. Not true, as far as I'm aware. It's an adjustment. [Update: The old snarky headline is a go. We're rounding into form already. --ed.]

I don't know all the bells and whistles of the new digs yet, but on that front, the timing is good, with the weekend and all. By Monday, I should be running a college football site again. In the meantime, read on below this post for a more detailed walk-through on how to claim your existing account (this is very, very easy), or set up a new one (also easy, and free, and now available with a twist of lime, or absinthe), and you can begin posting immediately under the diary section on the right, renamed "FanPosts," and the new "FanShots" section for pics, video, and various other multimedia splendor. The point of this upgrade is to make the site yours, the readers', even moreso than the "classic" version that no longer exists, so take advantage of the fruits of our labors. Well, the tech guy's labors. I'm just the front man.

Legal informs me ixnay on the absinthe. Reforms will be executed.