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Spring Break, Part Deux

Draft Tall Ben Folds to be your quarterback, you're asking for it.
- - -
 was set to mock some of the annual oddities of draft opinion, from a college perspective, but since the definitive headscratcher has already been covered in adequate depth (among guys with the requisite size and style of play for the pros, does any college fan think Matt Ryan and his 61st-ranked efficiency rating were appreciably better than André Woodson? The scouts didn't, either, around the time the last games were played), and since there is so much to do off the blog, I'm putting SMQ on the shelf again for the coming week. I know, I know, I just did this, but multiple deadlines loom like vultures.

I may be back with some notes on the weirdness of the draft, or on its utter predictability in light of old recruiting rankings. This is uncertain. Once things get back in swing, though, the summer program is on like Donkey Kong.

In the meantime, keep the questions for CFB Explainer (anybody know much about the Pistol?) and Ask Mike Leach and anything else you'd like to pass along coming, and be back to rap at y'all in a few days.