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Saturday in Arizona: Two Parties, One Wet Blanket

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Matt Leinart is a famous multimillionaire about a month shy of his twenty-fifth birthday. Like many young men, he likes to party:

Apparently some of those girls are under 21. Maybe all of them. Would Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley ever be caught with college girls in a hot tub or an alcoholic funnel device (a so-called "beer bong")? He would not. I mean, of course he wouldn't, but he wouldn't, is what Mr. Bickley is saying. Because he's an adult or something and...

What if she never made it home that night? What if she plowed through a red light after leaving the bash at Leinart's house, taking out a family in the process?

Imagine the repercussions.

Now take that picture of Leinart and four young girls cuddling in a hot tub. What if one of them woke up and decided to accuse Leinart of improper conduct? What of the headlines then?
- - -

Adults, Matt, never drink or suggest sexual impulses or engage in any behavior with possible repurcussions, even in their own, impossibly lavish homes. And they certainly do not take pictures. Real adults, like Dan Bickley and Kurt Warner, spend Saturday night with their numismatic message board and an open playbook. Remember that, Matt, the playbook? Or were you too hopped up on jolly juice?

Bickley does have one point that holds up, even if his broadside against lame but completely voluntary cap-cocking doesn't: Leinart is a father. If he had suggested Matt spend Saturday night with his kids instead of someone else's, or his babymomma, Mr. Bickley would be on less fogey-ish ground. But he didn't say that.

He also didn't say that the same Web site that posted the Leinart pics had video of another party in Arizona Saturday, one allegedly attended by a few Wildcat football players:

That's a fat, felony-filled fight right there, accompanied by a possible rape by a freshman defensive end over there that goes miles past frat boy stereotypes and off-field priorities (link probably NSFW). Both on video, with thousands of views in a couple days. That is well-documented assault, with some likelihood of serious legal trouble for legal adults.

But beer, Matt? Beer and smiling girls? The shame.