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Spring Break

SMQ is outtie 5000 next week, though not exactly for fun and sun, unfortunately. The offseason stretches before us like the barren Sinai, and other matters command attention.

It won't be long, ladies.
- - -

Ahem: attention. Back with great things on Monday the 17th.

In the meantime, the "Previous Seasons" section of the left sidebar has been reorganized and updated to include the three peer-evaluated College Football Blogger awards SMQ took home earlier in the week: Best Analysis, Best Writing and Mythical National Champion. Hip hip, yeah, but reigning winner MGoBlog was ineligible in the first case and EDSBS was banned as an opponent in the latter two. I accept the honors with gratitude, for whatever it's worth.

Keep the questions for CFB Explainer and Ask Mike Leach and anything else you'd like to pass along coming, and be back to rap at y'all in a few days.