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Classic Favre!

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A commenter on a previous post is disappointed I didn't respond immediately to the retirement of Brett Favre, the only person, animal or mineral widely associated with my alma mater. He's right.

I don't have much to say, though, or much time to say it. I was a kid when Favre was at Southern Miss, saw him play in person maybe once, against one of the directional Louisianas, I think. I had a Favre poster in my room when he was still in school, the existence of which was probably some kind of violation. There is the story that he was signed as a safety with the last available scholarship, by a coach who knew he couldn't play safety but was the only guy willing to take a chance on him as a college quarterback, and about the quasi-famous, game-winning pass he threw against Louisville, which the receiver knew to look for because he "heard it whistling."

Otherwise, just watch this other old YouTube clip of Brett in his high school and college days. I'm not in a position to hear it now, but the slow, reverential pan at the start indicates the music is terrrrrible.

Next stop, Hall of Fame, where he'll join one other ex-Golden Eagle who should be there, and is, metaphorically, whether there was a vote or an "official" bust of him or not: Ray Guy. In the meantime, Adalius Thomas and Michael Boley carry the Nasty Bunch torch in the pros, until Gerald McRath gets there. Way to go, Brett.

And for all you distraught Green Bay fans, an evil Taco Bell sales rep has e-mailed me to promote the chain's "Nacho Day" (say it out loud) across Wisconsin, previously awarded to South Bend in the midst of Notre Dame's meltdown last September. This edition does not come with free nachos, but it does include a sublimely ridiculous award dedicated to the city and Packer fans everywhere. Um, enjoy.