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The Week In Message Boardin'

A new feature, hopefully: Wading through the weeds of free message boards for usefulness and its direct opposite.
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Rumor. Penn State fans assessing their chances of landing Terrelle Pryor are getting more confident as time goes by: every day he doesn't commit to Ohio State is another day to hope against hope:

Statistically...25%, since there are 4 programs that he has indicated he is still looking at.

But, if what I have read is to be believed, it's between OSU and PSU.

That said, I personally believe he is still an OSU lean, but my fingers are crossed for PSU. At this point, I think it's 60/40 OSU. But, I hope I am wrong.
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Hope, meet, uh, reality?...
A guy I work with is cousins with OSU OT commit Mike Adams. He spoke with Adams last week and told me yesterday that TP is definitely going to OSU.
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Definitely. Ohio State certainly still thinks so, but even OSU partisans are getting a little impatient. What's worse/less fair: the OSU fan who compares Pryor to Maurice Clarett or the preemptively striking Michigan fan who doesn't want the most sought-after quarterback in the country, anyway, cuz he looks (and therefore probably throws) like Soulja Boy?

The other hope on Penn State boards, though no more realistic, is that JoPa might be meeting soon with President Graham Spanier about his future, i.e. establishing some kind of date for Paterno's glorious and completely voluntary concession of power. A PSU fan even stopped in on an OSU board to place Pryor's eminent commitment there at the feet of the Lions' zombie coach:

Just wanted to clear up a misconception some have across the Big 10 that PSU fans support Joe Paterno or are blind that he has run our program into the ground. A player like a Pryor leaving our great state of PA to go play for a rival in tOSU(whom I believe gets Pryor) or a Michigan over Penn State just drives home the point of what Paterno has done to PSU. Paterno is too old to actively recruit and coach effectively while handling all coaching abilities, Joe's son is a huge problem for us, Most of PSU nation anxiously awaits till Joe Paterno leaves finally and brings us relief and our program returns to what Lion nation deserves. Don't for a second ever believe Lion Nation supports Paterno overall, the guy has had it for a long time now and we want him gone and the Pryor commit just cements a little more the hatred inside lion nation over the Paterno family and him cheating our program and kids.
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That is decidedly the minority report re: supporting JoPa, but not in respects to his future: the question isn't if Paterno is gone soon, but how, and who replaces him. And how can they be sure it doesn't devolve into an Eddie Robison situation, or that the next guy isn't also named "Paterno"?

Completely unsubstantiated, but you heard it here first: Mario Fannin arrested? ... Ex-five star O-line recruit James Wilson is looking to leave Florida.

Rivalry, Ridicule and Randomness. Best post of the week in many ways probably belongs to "ksushalovesthevols" on Vol Nation who pens an open letter to his her team: "I don't want apology letters; I want you to stop getting arrested."

Stop smoking weed. Stop your underage drinking. Stop beating people up at night clubs. Stop having sex with underage girls who just might be retarded. Stop pulling your penis out in tutoring sessions. Stop stealing.
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Stop underage drinking? Is this or is this not still America, ksusha? Stop having sex with underage girls? Whatever happened to tradition? Florida fans ask you.

Buckeye Grove has breaking news on Michigan's new mascot:

As long as Papa Smurf remains seated at all times, he'll work out fine in the Big House.

"ArrowheadBlue," on the other hand, goes peacemaker on The Wolverine with a target M and OSU can both appreciate: The SEC All-Penal Team." Britton Colquitt's arrest was the final piece of the puzzle: the team now has a kicker and a punter and goes three-deep at quarterback. Though it should be noted that Iowa could field an entire offense or defense by itself.

This Explains Everything. Four posts on Gator Sports Forum since last Sunday have attracted more than 100 comments. See if you can spot the common theme:

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

More Individual threads I liked this week:

Gator Sports Forum: If Jesus is an obvious #1, Tebow an obvious #2...Who is #3? For the greatest person who ever lived? "I vote for Tebow's parents for bringing us this gift." No, seriously: Tim Tebow best college QB ever. Too good for common articles, even.

BlueWhite Illustrated: Reggie Bush Is a Lucky Man. "She said look I am armenian everyone knows armenians got big butts. Really??"

Buckeye Grove: Good bars, etc. in Columbus? "If you want trashy women, there are plenty of strip clubs."

Warchant: This has to be some kind of record for passing yards in a season. Check `09 Alabama commit A.J. McCarron's sophomore stats, according to Scout. Yeah, that would be a record.

Husker Board: Why Does ESPN Hate Nebraska So Much? "Is it the down-to-earth graciousness Nebraskans possess? kindness? willingness to help?"

Trojans Football Forum: OT: Mrs Rich Rodriguez IS Peg Bundy. Yikes. I dunno, what do you think:

The L.A. talent can spoil anyone, certainly, but remember, kids: beggars can't be choosers or judgers. I mean, even Peg Bundy turned into a normal mom on that show where John Ritter died.

Fightin' Gators: What if Miami beats us? "Then what? Are we at an all time low?" (See also: What if The Citadel beats us? and What if Hawaii beats us? Are we at an all time low?)

The Victors: What's up with the in-depth Obama-Clinton debate thread on a sports board? At least there's a misogynistic dig at Michelle Obama in there, albeit in the most egghead-ish possible terms. (Seriously, Does the Law of Marginal Utility apply to BJs?).

"Ultimate Expression of a Neighboring State's True Inner Self" Link of the Week. Also courtesy The Victors (thread here):

They'll be here all week, folks.

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BTW: That "OT- Erin Andrews pics" post on every board? Spam, dawg.