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Attention, Concerned Citizens Against Perpetual JoPa

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For all the increasingly vocal Paterno critics who ever said "He's hanging on too long," Dennis Dodd delivers today's ammo, courtesy Terrelle Pryor's high school coach, Ray Reitz:

Reitz also said that if Tom Bradley were named Penn State coach today, Pryor would be headed to Penn State. Bradley, the Lions defensive coordinator, has recruited Pryor intensely but fairly. One thing keeping Pryor from signing with Penn State is the uncertain future of Joe Paterno.
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Bradley, aka "n00b."
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Yes, like Paterno's career, Pryor's recruitment has outlasted the Castro administration. The nation's most sought-after prep is still vascillating on his football choice through basketball season, which will go on as long as he continues posting ridiculous stat lines in the playoffs. The kid's hedged so long, Dodd says even Memphis has decided to trot a mule into the derby. Who knows? From what we hear, Tommy West could sell Graceland in this market.

And what high school kid wouldn't identify with Tom Bradley, a 30-year Paterno assistant in his early fifties? In relative terms, that makes him basically the Obama of the PSU staff, and now that his recruiting tactics have passed the brutal "Dodd Test" for intensity and fairness, his route to the boss' chair next year is just staying in front, collecting the endorsements and counting the superdelegates, dawg. (Don't even try to get a seat in Bradley's life-affirming cornerbacks meetings. Pissing in the wind.)