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Introducing CFB Explainer

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Here is an experiment tailor-made for the long offseason: CFB Explainer, an idea ripped off completely from's long-running Explainer items, which answers obscure reader questions about how things work.

In writing last week about academics and eligibility requirements, I realized the average fan, who's probably been following this stuff his entire life, has no idea about such requirements, how they're enforced or how they differ (and don't differ) from conference to conference and team to team (I realized this because I had almost no idea, either). So the goal is to shed some light: if questions come up about procedures, rules, strategies, strange terms, money, contradictions, history, message board arguments (especially message board arguments), anything at all, drop a line at sundaymorningqb-at-yah00, etc. and I will relish hunting down the answer. Do not hesitate for a second to push the argument into Xs and Os territory.

I don't know if this will work because it's out of my hands: this is a reader participation feature, and all are encouraged to send my way some mystery that has consumed sleepless nights and ripped families apart.

Between this and Ask Mike Leach - which is always standing by - soon there won't be any questions left to ask.