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Mythical Championship Open Thread: The Game is Afoot!

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I'm pretty unambiguos in my disdain for this haphazard championship business (the appropriate term), but for all the chaos, shuffling and unpredictability of a season in which no reward was inevitable week-to-week, much less across the entire four-month theater, Ohio State and LSU in the end are at least legitimate titans destined to bring the curtain down over fitting scenes of struggle. No conclusion could shock or disappoint more thoroughly at the end of this captivating melodrama than the anticlimax that permeated Series' preliminary games. This season was too good, too demanding for any one team to capture for itself, too too shamelessly liberated from convention or restraint to go down in anything less than an epic sendoff. So tonight, if it's possible, forget the bogus trophy and root for the game - give us sweat and blood and lumps in throats and the legacy will live as long as anyone fortunate enough to witness it.

Leave 'em if you got 'em.