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Weekend Photoshop/Caption Contest: Dana Jacobson

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If they're like me, they couldn't have picked Dana Jacobson from a three-person lineup, of men or women. But no doubt the sometime SportsCenter anchor and Michigan alum is drawing marriage proposals from smitten Irish-haters across the South and in large enclaves of Southern California and the Eastern Great Lakes region after Jacobson – apparently just a few feet from the virgin ears of one Charlie Weis – loaded up and let fly at Notre Dame at some kind of roast for ESPN's Mike & Mike radio show, which I have also never heard and which probably deserved on some level to have its stage tarnished by language and anti-Catholic bromides so foul they were deemed wildly inappropriate for a roast.

Orson has the exclusive audio; add your bit of audio, snark and other fakery in the comments or via e-mail: sundaymorningqb-at-yah00.etc. Winners will receive fame and adulation in Monday's Hub.