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Backup UNH Quarterback Charged With Murder

The chances are not very good that you'll ever find yourself invited to a pleasant backyard barbecue or friendly neighborhood bridge night at backup New Hampshire quarterback Hank Hendricks' house. But if in your single-minded defiance of the mathematical odds defined by time and space and, now, the San Diego police department, for the love of god, watch your drink around his friends:

Then thy'll march you, 'enri 'endricks, to the wall. Just you wait, 'enri 'endricks...
- - -

The backup quarterback for the University of New Hampshire has been charged with murder and suspended from the team, university officials said Friday.

Junior Henri "Hank" Hendricks was charged with murder, assault and battery in San Diego in connection with the beating death of a professional surfer. He will be arraigned on Sept. 10.

Police said that Hendricks and four others are members of a gang known as the Bird Rock Bandits. They are accused of killing Emery Kauanui Jr. on May 24.
Prosecutors said that [BRB member Seth] Cravens delivered the fatal blow to Kauanui in a fight that started between Kauanui and [BRB member Eric] House. According to Kauanui's girlfriend, the fight began when Kauanui accidentally spilled his drink on House, reported.

Kauanui was later driven home by his girlfriend. Cravens, [Orlando] Osuna, House and [Matthew] Yanke followed, police said, and House was encouraged to fight Kauanui.
- - -

Even for members of a gang that openly identify themselves as "bandits," this seems like an extreme reaction to a little spilled, uh, milk, especially given the fairly lengthy delay in violent action, during which time heads would usually cool.

You may have also noticed a distinct lack of the name "Henri Hendricks" in that sequence of events. His crime:

According to, Hendricks was not originally identified as a suspect. But the day after the victim died, he came forward and told police he was at the fight scene, according to an affidavit filed in support of a search warrant.

According to a search warrant affidavit, officers found a notebook full of "Bird Rock Bandit" symbols depicting wounded warriors tattooed with "BRB" and Nazi symbols, such as lightning bolts and swastikas, during the search of Cravens' bedroom.
- - -

Notebook Nazi symbols + presence at crime scene = valid murder charge? We'll see.

This is the third murder charge against a member of the Championship Subdivision in a little more than a year: ex-Montana State Bobcat John LeBrum was charged last June with a former MSU basketball player in a grisly murder that broke open the scholarship-funded cocaine ring in Bozeman; across the state, Montana's Jimmy Wilson was accused this summer of shooting a man in California in a family dispute gone wrong. There was also the bizarre case of Northern Colorado punter Mitch Cozad, who was found guilty last month of stabbing starting punter Rafael Mendoza in what can best be described as a misguided attempt to secure the position himself.