The Possible Horrible After-Effect of Appy State's Win

I've been thinking about this alot, and I'm quite worried that Appy State's victory will actually encourage and or justify more horrible, patently absurd 1-AA/Bowl Sudbivision Matchups, serving as a stock or built-in apologia for the BCS schools. The Big Ten and SEC's annual triumphs over the MAC and the Sun Belt are bad enough, and they look like the USC-ND sectional rivalry compared to what passes for routine now.

Coach Tressel, with this week's matchup against Youngstown State, what would you like to work on?

Well Bob, the first thing we've got to realize is that they're a darn good football team. We all saw what Appalachian State did to Michigan a few years ago, so we know its a dangerous game...


Ah, the eternal glories of man.

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