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At least Iowa State is hoping so, judging from the Cyclones' new uniform design, unveiled this week:

This should look somewhat familiar:

But if ISU I State is trying to invoke fear in, say, Nebraska, for example, Husker fans aren't exactly fooled. Via SBN colleague Jon of Corn Nation, who takes one look at the new and improved 'Clones and privately wishes he has Photoshop skills:

I'd lead in with something that says "let's take a look at how this would look in action," then I'd create a flash animation of the Iowa State helmet and the Texas Tech helmet crashing together with the word TIT flying out towards the viewer.
- - -
It's not going so well in Ames, and hasn't been for a while. Since 1912, actually, when the school shared the Missouri Valley Conference championship, its last in any league. But no matter how far the ship sinks, if the "Flying Tits" can't save Iowa State Football, then truly all is lost.