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Maybe Southern Miss will come up in "Mid-Major Monday." That's fine. My personal support doesn't waver, but this is a national blog, so I don't even have to write this. My grandmother says she reads this site, and it's not worth going to hell to say the things I want to say about certain high profile representatives our alma mater, who play like Utah State on national television, horrible things centering on the concept of "genetic disease." Or about Boise State, which actually is a disciplined, ambitious outfit that no doubt will soon develop the power of unassisted human flight. Until then, its players will enjoy leisurely jogs such as Thursdsay night's, stopping occasionally to telepathically excise the most fundamental motor skills from its opponents' minds.

I was thinking about one thing, and spent a tragic amount of time putting it together this morning in a file saved as "The Horror," and it will serve as the last word on USM until it plays for another C-USA championship.

USM Defensive Coordinators since joining C-USA
Coordinator W-L Pts./Game >20pts. >30pts. Yds./Game >400 yds. Avg. Rank-Total D
J. Thompson (1996-98) 25-10 19.6 16 6 - - -
D. Wommack (1999-2000) 17-8 15.0 11 2 274.7 1* 5
T. Nix (2001-04) 29-20 19.4 24 8 335.8 12 31.3
J. Hopson (2005-) 18-11 21.4 20 8 351.5 11 50

*-For 2000 season only; NCAA stats are archived only through 2000, if anyone can fill in the gaps on Thompson's tenure.
- - -

But I don't think that really means anything. Nothing new, anyway, which is kind of the point.