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When one's computer doesn't let one enjoy the YouTube clips that have become an integral, time-wasting distraction of one's typical day, one must find other ways to amuse oneself, mustn't one? It turns that overusing the academic 'one' is not very successful on the amusment front, but sometimes other, better things just fall into your lap.

An improbable e-mail from Rick Rhodes is one such thing. Mr. Rhodes is an L.A.-based account executive for the global marketing firm Cohn & Wolfe, i.e. a PR lackey, and therefore to be approached with the most extreme skepticism by dedicated truth-tellers. I may or may not be that, depending on my mood, and Rhodes' name may or may not be popping up in a lot of other bloggers' inboxes today. But he swears to me that, via his marketing contacts with Taco Bell, this is "absolutely the real deal":

September 17, 2007

Mr. Charlie Weis
Head Football Coach
University of Notre Dame
C113 Joyce Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Dear Coach Weis,

We've all had days we'd rather forget.  Clearly, the season isn't unfolding the way we all hoped and Saturday was another tough loss. When that happens, we call it "NACHO DAY."    

Hey, it may sound corny, but sometimes when your chips are down, all it takes is a gesture of support from an unexpected source to help turn things around.  At TACO BELL, we always "THINK OUTSIDE THE BUN", so we'd like to offer the enclosed "NACHO DAY" award and an order of Nachos to help lift your spirits.  

In fact, we want to lift the spirits of everyone in South Bend.  We invite all fans of the Irish to head into any participating South Bend TACO BELL(r) location on Sunday, September 23 from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. and we'll give them a free order of regular Nachos.

Please enjoy our offer of free Nachos to help you get through all those crunchy "NACHO DAYS."  Hopefully, things will turn around and you can just enjoy the food!

 - Your friends at Taco Bell
- - -

Notre Dame has been presented with an award! And a much tastier one than some useless, case-clogging bowl trophy that's just going to sit there. This might be the key turning point the Irish have been waiting for. Well, maybe only Weis. But when you haven't scored a touchdown in three full games, I guess you pack all the sympathy carbs you can get your winless hands on.

Or was the whole "0-3 start" thing just a ploy to earn free nachos? He really is a strategic genius...

- - -
p.s. - "Nacho Day," get it? Say it out loud a few times.