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Gameday! Who?

To paraphrase the Queen's favorite Hall-of-Fame tailback, the game is afoot!

I'm not sure yet it matters that the best game of the night, Utah at Oregon State, is accessible only to 45,000 people or so in Reser Stadium in favor of the nationally-cast and assured carnage of Mississippi State at LSU. A casual fan asked me Wednesday, "Oh yeah, isn't there a game on tomorrow? What time does it start?" I told him, I dunno, 6:45 or 7 probably, our time. And over by 7:30. So don't worry if you have something else to do.

Yet blowout is no deterrent to our arrival at the pristine sea after eight months of harsh, directionless, subsistence desert living. If the first few drops prove bitter, they're sweet nevertheless for their life-sustaining - nay, soul-sustaining - purity of the thing.

Oh, and TWI-UHNS!

Oowwwwwwwwww! We rea-deh! We rea-deh! We rea-deh!

Ahem. this game could be close, although that's generic coachspeak for "no quarter shall be given to their helplessness." Missississippi State has a chance to keep this game mildly interesting through halftime the same way it stayed in last year's opener with South Carolina: aggressive but disciplined defense and, uh, rank incompetence by the opposing quarterback. So LSU is not exactly South Carolina. It's football. And for today, that is enough. It is holiday; it is bliss.

- - -
Anybody in central Texas wanna volunteer to help me get my new TV to, like, have a picture to go with the sound? This could be a problem.