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I Guess They All Look the Same to You

A short collection of intriguing images today:

First, a perfectly harmless story on athletes' lack of privacy in the YouTube era in today's Tampa Observer, but somebody get a program from 2002 for the entry page cutline writer before it gets to Kyle Boller's lawyer:  

Either an old program, or a directory of short-lived, crash-and-burn pro starters named 'Kyle.' Kudos for pushing that shot, though, whoever it is.

Next up is our friend Bruins Nation, whose main page earlier in the week featured the work of a diarist who succinctly packages BN's entire worldview into one conspiratorial flow chart on reinstated receivers coach Eric Scott:

Eventually, everything points to one final solution: Fire Karl Dorrell. Well, and USC sucks, obviously, but no online campaign can overcome what just is.

And in case readers didn't get the picture from the Tuscaloosa News' examination of Alabama playersr in karate practice, it accompanies it with a shot of Simeon Castille looking very, shall we say, ikken hissatsu:

His steely, inhuman glare confirms the mercenary Castille is becoming one with the "Way of the Saban"; the murderous discipline is great within him. <>Defeat does not exist in this dojo!