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Congratulations, You Crazy Kids

Awwww! Do you have your angle scouted yet for the best bootleg pics of Saturday's Johnson-Popadics wedding? What are you waiting for? Everybody's going to be there - in fact, if the crash list is anything like it's rumored to be, they'll probably never even notice you, providing you're unarmed (this is the opposite of everyday custom in Idaho, from what I understand). Watch out for those homicidal racists, y'all!

SMQ doesn't cry at weddings. Bowl-winning Statue of Liberty plays, yes, but not weddings.
- - -

My invite must have been lost in the mail - lousy postal service - but it's okay, because I know we'll be sharing many gratuitous flashbacks, profiles and excruciating sideline interviews over the next five months while awkwardly skirting the question of income. Good luck, you two! No matter what the hopeless rednecks say, you deserve it.