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ACC Week: Old School and Miscellany

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A brief history of the ACC, courtesy of what happens to be available (and palatable) on YouTube*...
- - -

First (and catchiest), it's Clemson, stayin' alive through the senile wrath of Woody Hayes and other travails from 1977-1983:

I don't know about the entire nation - a lot of them voted for fifth down-utilizing Colorado, you know - but an unknown announcer who sounds alarmingly like the amazing John Facenda, at least, is duly impressed with the redoubtable...MIS-ter Bell and the 1990 Georgia Tech... NA-tional CHAMP-ions! In two parts:

Interestingly, the "Game of the Year in the ACC" in 1990 (per a very young Chris Fowler, anyway) didn't include the eventual champs at all. Again, in two parts:

Mack Brown and North Carolina, looking to finally take that next step in 1992 against N.C. State, insteada just sittin' around and talkin' about it. Nice triple option work from the Wolfpack here, and Natrone Means just leaves his man hanging:

I remember thinking Scott McBrien's second quarter touchdown run against N.C. State five years ago was an incredible fake and evidence of Ralph Friedgen's intuitive playcalling genius, and ABC's booth guys obviously feel the same way, but I dunno, maybe the spread option was just that novel in 2002:

And here someone has actually reproduced the local special "Blue Inferno," chronicling the comedy, tragedy and triumph of the winless 2001 Duke Blue Devils, in its entire half-hour glory:

There's not much history floating around on Wake Forest, but this is the Deacs' shining moment, I guess, and their groundskeeper's, after the on-campus championship celebration in December:

I really only included that to justify seguing to this quick clip of some game homegurls up there at Wake. Daaaaamn...

- - -
*-I'm vaguely aware of some other video linking sites out there that may offer different options or even more street cred than the rapidly-ossifying Tube, but I don't really know what they are. If anybody has any recommendations that don't require much more work than cutting and pasting a url to embed, let me know. Especially if it has anything from the 1995 FSU-Virginia game.