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Todd Boeckman Fever Spreads In Columbus; Health Officials Declare Emergency Quarantine

Buckeye Commentary were nice enough this morning to link to last Friday's assessment of Ohio State, taking issue mainly with my describing new quarterback Todd Boeckman as "actually manufactured from sections of dense marble slab" and predicting that "SMQ will be surprised that TB, while not Troy or Vince (ha!), can move and improvise while doing so."

That may be so - Boeckman's a career third-stringer with ten garbage time pass attempts in two years, so I'm going strictly on reputation and stereotypes about 230-pounders named "Todd." But whatever his mobility, an anonymous commenter at BC is probably right about one aspect of the site's rebuttal:

TB is not a good nickname for Todd Boeckman right now.

I should say not.
- - -

Unless he's this guy, or he induces would-be tacklers to experience cold and flu-like symptoms, feel a sharp pain in the chest when breathing deeply or coughing or, in extreme cases, cough up blood, no, Todd Boeckman probably has never been to quick to respond to the nickname "TB."

Which of course will now stick to him forever.