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Old, Old, Old School

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While you're still trying to grasp the finer points of your school's awesome new spread offense, certain puritans are doing their part to keep the Old World ways alive, as in this clip of several teams (mostly Michigan, from appearances) running the single wing at various, unspecified times before anyone had conceived of the "shotgun," or of the theme from Rocky 2 and Fat Boy Slim's Right Here, Right Now, to which the montage is anachronistically set. This is the glorified football of smashed mouths and untold schlobbers knocked, but notice how much it relies on deception, misdirection and angles above brute strength, far more so than most contemporary running games (except, oddly, the spread). There is, at one point, a genuine fumblerooski:

I'm not the first one to say it (and I've said it before), but you know what this looks like to me? Florida's Tebow Smash. Only smaller.

Speaking of smaller: the best of existing and completely unscientific proof that Tebow is singlehandedly dragging the game back to 1940 is after the jump (and it is cute!)

Nice touch on the hat throw, but the real Tebow's a lefty, ya hacks.