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The Traitor's Draft, In Brief

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The niche vogue this week - initiated by Peter and quickly appropriated by dignitaries Orson and Brian and many other talented, well-dressed trendsetters of our humble corner of the 'sphere - is the "Traitor's Draft" of must-have players from the opposition. My addition, from Southern Miss' 2007 schedule:

1. Jarrett Dillard, Rice: USM hasn't had anything approximating a unique receiving talent in a decade, and this is a guy who goes to his coach before the decisive play and says, "Let's throw the fade. I want the ball. I'm going to catch it, I'm going to score, we're going to win," and delivers. Although I'd really hate to take this guy away from his biggest fans at the enthusiastic Rice Football Webletter.

2. Ian Johnson, Boise State: I love the hell out of Damion Fletcher, but his fellow undersized, ethnically vague counterpart brings a greater flare for the dramatic. Also - speed:

3. Tennessee's Entire Roster

Cutcliffe can come, too. I'm not picky.
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That is all.