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For the Record...

Just a quick note before we get going this week, since meta-bloggy stuff is boring as it gets:

For the benefit of some confused readers in the upper Ohio area and anywhere else it may be unclear, the seldom-heeded request for tips now includes an important distinction: Sunday Morning Quarterback, like the opinion columnists in your newspaper, is virtually never a conduit of journalism. I do not talk to athletes or coaches, do not file dispatches from games and do not compete with "real" reporters, upon whom, in fact, I rely for the site's survival. I attempt to analyze and entertain, not report.

That is all. Oh, and the third person thing: dropped, if the reader hadn't noticed. Just because. Wanted to do it a long time ago, actually - like the afore-linked Wonk, I understood the point of this tic at one point but will probably shudder at its use in future trips to the ledger.