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Pete Carroll and SMQ Wish the FCC "Good Luck to You!"

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Off topic, maybe, but I was listening to a story on the radio a few minutes ago, an update of an old story, actually, about the much-beloved Federal Communication Commission's ongoing effort to restrict violence on television in light of the mass murder at Virginia Tech. Even with available technology and the Constitution, etc., the FCC will push Congress very soon for an expansion of its power to regulate violent programming in the same way it already does, infamously, with sex. I don't suppose this was avoidable, and I don't suppose the First Amendment alarmism of a football blogger who'd probably red line most of the federal government the first chance he got will generate any sort of wave of libertarian rethinking. I'm a responsible adult and don't want to say something I don't mean about a complicated governmental issue I don't know enough about.

I'm feeling ornery about it, anyway, though, so here's an appropriately slapdash, secondhand, populist tribute from our tiny niche to the esteemed Commission, via basic cable:

Thank you, coach, for that eloquent and persuasive argument. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Update [2007-4-27 9:59:42 by SMQ]: Jack Shafer in Slate is slightly more in-depth about this, but the sentiment's the same.