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Further Evaluation? SMQ Caption Contest Needs No Stinking Evaluation.

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Florida State's Garnet and Gold scrimmage Saturday didn't do much to differentiate between Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford, or even who's going to be making the decision on the quarterbacks in the fall. Bobby Bowden told the Tallahassee Democrat to ask new coordinator Jimbo Fisher, who immediately instructed weary reporters to go ask Bowden. "Dad told you to talk to Mom. Mom told you go back and talk to Dad," Fisher said. "Then you get tired of asking and finally quit asking the question." Mmmm, condescending manipulation is a key to success, if Fisher's old boss is any judge. They're both off to a good start.

The weekend did, however, produce a winner among literally multiple entries for Friday's caption contest, some of which are available below and some coming in via e-mail...

The winner is reader Dave Pryor, whose e-mail gives him away as an affiliate of noted FSU-hating haven Lehigh (they're still upset in Bethlehem, PA, about Dan Kendra moving to fullback), and who gleaned a touch of divine plea from the noted evangelical:

Our Father, which art in Heaven,
Bowden is my Name.
My kingdom's done.
My son is gone,
Inmates now run the asylum.

Give us this year a top-5 finish.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that use tazers against us.

And lead throws not into interceptions;
But help us this year in Gainesville.

For these are my Seminoles,
The power, and the glory,
Or so I remember.


I don't have anything to give Mssr. Pryor this week aside from a respectful nod to his poetic and only slightly sacrilegious misappropriation. Future winners may receive a small personal item. Unless anybody has any unbelievable t-shirt ideas?