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Early Weekend Out, a Little YouTube For a Rainy Day

Actually, it's a beautiful day here, far too much so for blogging. The public radio show The Infinite Mind - which would like to thank its underwriters and remind you, dear listener, how much it depends on your contributions - this week explores Americans' "sense of place," and focuses specifically on one segment about the addictive nature of the virtual world. Is it a real world, or is the notion of "navigating" to different "sites" merely our way of making sense of superficial light patterns? Are we actually going to different places, finding them, moving about in their "space," or are we just sitting at our desks? When we communicate online with others, are we having real interaction, or are we just alone in a room? Are we in The Matrix? Does it matter?

Tastefully hinted conclusion: people should get out more.

Not that SMQ necessarily has this problem, but despair over wormholed cyber alienation is hardly the catalyst for the short blogging week, anyway, as impending deadlines and some light travel intervene as the fates of the day. He wishes he could continue working alertly in the sweet, sweet glow of the laptop, because he can close it anytime he wants. Any time...he...

Be back Monday.

In the meantime, the reader is instructed to refrain from second thoughts over any medium, society or economic system that can produce YouTube, a billion-dollar innovation soon to dominate historical record, sophomoric sublimity, syndicated television (and side-splitting parody of syndicated television) and civic duty. As well as clips of possibly the worst fundamental offensive series in modern college football history, or at least broadcast by FSN, courtesy of Northwestern State in a 2004 loss to Nicholls State:

For more competence, see a winningly melodramatic - albeit overly USC-focused - version of the No. 2 Trojans' 1967 win over No. 1 UCLA:

Have a great spring weekend.