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It's Kenny Wilson's Femur, He Thinks. Yeah, the Femur.

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Injuries, and broken legs in particular, are an unfortunate part of football - to borrow a phrase, do not under any circumstances click here, here, here or here for the most grotesque evidence (well, given this news, actually, certain people might feel compelled to bookmark that first one).

The latest limb of luckless lament might be severe enough to cost Nebraska running back Kenny Wilson his 2007 season, all the more unfortunate because his terrible injury had nothing whatsoever to do with football. Bill Callahan attributed the broken femur that required surgery on the former JUCO all-American to "a freak accident," elsewhere elaborated upon as the consequence of "carrying a television."

SMQ, though, has obtained exclusive video of Wilson's injury, which he posts below. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

It's either that, or the riveting and ironically cruel duel scene between beleaguered Ryan O'Neal and his ingrate stepson in the barn at the end of Barry Lyndon.

For your own sake, to make this very clear out of an abundance of aggressive caution, as Tony Snow would say, be very certain never to click here, here or here.