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Matt Grothe=YouTube Legend?

While SMQ's critiquing Sunshine State quarterbacks today, there's this article by Joe Starkey on that claims South Florida's Matt Grothe is a "budding YouTube legend." This appears to be based mainly on the dozen or so clips assembled by YT user MattGrothedotcom (actual fan site here), most of them consisting of a single play.

Did Joe Starkey just discover YouTube? SMQ imagines he must have felt compelled by his trend-spotting journalstic ethos to base his Big East article on this bleeding edge cultural touchstone regardless the overabundance of similarly impressive highlight reels for stars of virtually every school in the country, and probably of most high schools.

But Grothe's not a bad player - not at all, especially as just a redshirt freshman who led USF to a win at West Virginia and had Rutgers down late, as well - so maybe SMQ's too tough a sell. He'll leave it to the reader to decide whether this is "the most amazing quarterback video this side of Steve Young's miraculous touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings 19 years ago," or just another above average kid with an overzealous fan club ("MCNS" is McNeese State, if you're wondering):

Check most of the same plays here if you prefer Trick Daddy to Depeche Mode.