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"I Still Have A Ways to Go With My Decision-Making, But..."

On the heels of Antwain Easterling's surprise commitment Wednesday, The Onion says Southern Miss' latest class might add another unexpected signee:

Oh, satire, you tease! The fatal tell of non-fan authorship:
"I'd like to win one more championship before I retire for good, and Southern Miss, Tennessee, and Florida all have talented young squads that could make a real run to number one next year," said Favre, who has been recruited by several top programs...

...although the idea of Southern Miss making "a run for number one" is at least as accurate as football players being "required" to maintain a 2.25 GPA. Favre remains "noncommittal" about the latter, at least until USM's prestigious department of "athletic administration" allays his trepidation.

It's like they're in my head, man!
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