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McKnight to Relate With Public at SC

First, a little mood music...

In that vein, Joe McKnight is a Trojan today, spurning LSU for...exposure? Playing time? Pete Carroll's genuine, non-square-hat-based enthusiasm? L.A. lights? L.A. nights? Big nasty redheads?

He said he plans on majoring in public relations and that USC has a good public relations program.

"That's basically why I made my decision," he said at a news conference.

A decision based on academic opportunity for a guy who averaged like 20 yards per touch as a senior? Super smart, highly trained economists said that is not supposed to happen. What, the locals couldn't sell the kid on teeth instead?

From the South Bay to the Valley
From the West side to the East side
Everybody's very happy

- - -

Update [2007-2-7 15:11:8 by SMQ]: But the other heavily-panted-upon, top-ranked question mark of the day, D.C. defensive tackle Marvin Austin, spurns USC - and Florida State, and Tennessee, and whoever else was furiously attempting to text their way at the last minute into his 6'5", 300-pound heart - to play crown jewel in the burgeoning cult of Butch Davis' Chapel Hill Renaissance. Which requires a little geographic hymn of its own:

*Sniff* Marvin Austin loves that song. - - -