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Toxicology Report Issued on SC Kicker Danelo; Former-Syracuse Receiver Found Dead

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On the same day authorities released a toxicology report on fallen USC kicker Mario Danelo, authorities also discovered the body of 21-year-old ex-Syracuse receiver J.J. Bedle at his home in New Jersey.

Danelo was found to have a 0.23 blood-alcohol level, three times the legal California limit to drive, after he fell more than 100 feet to his death from a cliff in San Pedro a couple days after SC's Rose Bowl win. Foul play was immediately ruled out, but the report is significant because it was also suggest, contrary to some initial reports, the plunge was an accident and not a suicide. The AP report in the link doesn't specifically pan the possibility of suicide, and says the report "couldn't ascertain Danelo's state of mind before his death," but any "decision" at three times the legal limit would hardly seem to qualify as such. No drugs were detected in the body.

(Aside for someone with the knowledge: to SMQ, who has never paid attention to the actual number in these circumstances before, that blood-alcohol level reads as 23 percent, which is obviously not possible unless alcohol was posthumously injected into his blood, and maybe not even then. So if you don't look at it the same way as a batting average, is the reading literally 0.23 percent, or almost a quarter of one percent? Or does it mean something else?)

Unknown chemicals are also suspected in Bedle's death, where, as with Danelo, foul play was quickly ruled out, though toxicology reports are pending.

Bedle was a three-star recruit by Scout in 2004 and played a litte for Syracuse in 2005 (played for the SU basketball team for one game as well as a walk-on). He was suspended last Spring for "conduct detrimental to the team" and had landed at Delaware State, were he broke his collarbone in last year's opener and was still recovering, according to an AP statement from his brother.