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You're Too Kind, Too Kind. Really.

On the heels of two victories Wednesday in the first day of frantic dispersal by the esteemed committee of the College Football Blogger Awards, SMQ captured just one virtual statuette today. It was a big one for him, though: "Best National Blog," over some exceedingly worthy competition. The announcement is by Orson Swindle at EDSBS (in fact, all three of SMQ's wins have been hosted by EDSBS, what gives? A normal person would have exhausted his reserves of nice things to say, and of YouTube adendums, sometime during the announcement of the "Jenn Sterger's Rack Award").

Since this is all about our little college football niche, SMQ will go niche for a moment:

Mssr. Swindle, between visions of typically violent admiration, showed enough restraint in awarding "Best National Blog" to avoid pointing out that it is actually his effort - whatever the categorization by other voters - that constitutes by far the best national college football blog. This distinction can be scientifically proven with the proper instruments, and EDSBS' inevitable Mythical Championship victory is close enough to science for SMQ to allow him to declare with the same certainty Newton described gravity: Every Day Should Be Saturday kicks every variety of ass harder and with more consistency, energy and perspective than most of his peers combined. It's not even close. SMQ refreshes EDSBS a dozen times some days, with anticipation but mainly with dread, because he knows how thouroughly he's about to be humbled.

To be honest, like Doug at Hey Jenny Slater, SMQ is floored and flattered most of all by actually finishing second to EDSBS in the Mythical Championship voting. To be considered the best college football blog other than Orson's may be the highest Web-related compliment to which this or any other sports writer could strive. Thanks, folks.