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SMQ To Come Out Flat After Excessive Bowl Layoff

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Well, hopefully not. But the blog will be out of commission for the rest of the week (hence the early BlogPoll ballot). This is not optional, avoidable or a vacation. I've put a lot aside in the interests of SMQ; I've made my bed, as they say, and now that the regular season is finished, it's fashioned its sheets into a noose and coming after me. I will not be fishing or even, possibly, outdoors at any point for more than ten consecutive seconds.

I'll be around to moderate and possibly update woefully out-of-date sidebars and encourage all readers/users to diarize freely on big coaching stories or whatever they'd like. It's on the right sidebar and an underutilized tool. I'm still intently following various coaching searches, especially the wild one underway at at the ol' alma mater.

I'll be back Monday with vigor and whatever else I can think of. In the meantime, let this be a kind of open thread on the site: what's good, what's bad, what should stay, what should go, do you care about bowl coverage, should there be more news, what would you like to see more of over the offseason, cease and desist using my copyrighted images, etc. I can't control everything, layout wise, and I reserve the right to disregard ideas I don't like. But I've never asked for feedback and this seems like an appropriate time.

Aloha till then.