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Christmas Time Is Here (Thanks)

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It's been a hectic year at SMQ – always behind schedule, always pushing ahead with just that little bit less than the perfection you'd like, for the sake of pushing ahead. But the time always comes whether we push or not, lest it never come at all, and the more it comes the more I continue to find that Woody Allen is largely right: eighty percent of success in life is showing up. If SMQ falls flat on its face in pursuit of the other twenty percent, at least it showed up.

There are as we speak many unemployed coaches and academically ineligible seniors and other unhappy people in the world, and my wish is that you are in the places and with the people who assure that you are not one of them. Christmas and its attendant fuzziness preys on melancholy but only really works when the somber cold and dark and financial burden is consumed by visions of sugar plums and families and the like.

And if, on the odd chance that you are one of those people, whatever you have to do, find something, even some little thing - a call, a card, a note for yourself, a short drive, a long drive – to do Christmas right. Better late, of course, than never.

Merry Christmas (don't miss this one this year).

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Click here for a full version of The Waitresses, if you (like me) have to have it. Three little-heard but quite obviously great Beatles Christmas songs are here.