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UNC Football: When the Tape Comes Out, The Lights Come On

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It probably goes without saying many gridiron partisans imagine possessing for just a day or week the perceived sexual prowess their on-field heroes exude involuntarily, as a matter of the insatiable animal essence at the core of their impossibly chiseled being. Accordingly, it must be also assumed that a few of these upstanding young citizens spend the odd weekend tied up, bound with tape, perhaps threatened with bodily harm, and ultimately engaged in carnal knowledge with their "captors" as a result of said being. Whatever gets you going, man. Through the ages, such are the residual rewards of talent and scholarship.

Unless, that is, the "captors" are actual captors, and their disposition is along the lines of...

...the night will probably not end well. And so it didn't last Sunday for three anonymous North Carolina football players who had the misfortune and bad judgment to hook up with Michael Troy Lewis, 32, Tnika Monta Washington, 29 and Monique Jenice Taylor, 28, accused assailants of the trio of Tar Heels in an incident Taylor's attorney described after his client was charged Thursday - in a massive understatement - as "a very unusual case":

Prosecutors said the players and the accused went to the victims' apartment after meeting at a downtown bar.

At a Thursday court hearing, assistant Orange County prosecutor Morgan Whitney cited a police report and said one of the players was drunk and was taken to his room, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported on its Web site.

According to the newspaper, the other two had some consensual sexual contact with the women, but then became uncomfortable and told them to stop. When police arrived at the scene, two of the victims were tied up, wearing boxer shorts, and the hands of the third victim, who was fully clothed, also were tied, Whitney was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

At least two players were sexually assaulted, and authorities were awaiting the final police report to learn if the third was as well, the News & Observer reported.

Defense attorneys told the court, according to the newspaper, that the acts were consensual.
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That account doesn't include the knife allegedly wielded by one of the women, which surprisingly (if true) did not result in a charge. The alleged kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a felony and resisting arrest, however, did, along with one count of first-degree sexual assault against each of the women, who were arrested at the scene Sunday, and one count each of robbery, possession of stolen goods and assault on government officials against Lewis, who "surrendered Wednesday after fleeing during a confrontation with police."

This might be the first recorded charge of rape levied by football players, though the recent collapse/exhaustion of a string of sexual assault cases against athletes (Kobe Bryant, Duke LaCrosse, Minnesota football) has taught us that such allegations are frequently not as they're first presented.

Personally, your humble proprietor has never been into the bondage thing his own self, and perhaps in this he's in accord with the anonymous victims. SMQ passes no judgment - just a warning: be more careful who u roll out da club wit, playa. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.