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Introducing the 2007 SMQ Bowl Blitz: My Favorite Bowl Things

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I will argue for the fundamental necessity of a playoff until I'm blue in the face, but diligent readers will never see in this space any argument against bowl games or the unseemly promulgation thereof. Quite the contrary. The standing policy recommendation of SMQ re: bowl games has been pile `em on.

Once, you had to want the Independence Bowl.
- - -

Much of this irrational affection derives from blatant, willfully distorted nostalgia, whose effects have canonized the forgotten virtues of frozen 2000 Independence Bowl participants Mississippi State and Texas A&M. Back then, at least, Wayne Madkin could lead his team on a heroic struggle from two touchdowns behind for an overtime win in a legendary Louisiana snow storm and there was no global warming or inconvenient truth or Those were the days.

In the spirit of nostalgic bowl love, of  conceding that if you are participating in a bowl game, you are good at least not worthy of merciless ridicule, dammit, SMQ presents the second annual edition of a few of his favorite bowl things. Ridicule, rest assured, will follow on a daily basis throughout the rest of the month.

Ready? O-KAY!

(Cue Rogers and Hammerstein...)

Shreveport and Boise
And that game in Mobile
Memphis and Detroit
Our toes white with no feel
Why don't they schedule
A bowl in Beijing?
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

Interim coaches and
Slipshoddy gameplans
Commemorative jerseys
On backs of the true fans
A hundred believers
The fight song they sing
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

Exiting seniors
So inconsequential
Freshmen just hitting
Their stag'ring potential
Offseason hopes
Off the charts through the Spring
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

When the drive stalls
When the grass dies
When the trophy's second place
I simply remember a few of those 4-8 teams
And then I don't feel so disgraced

Enjoy the games, everybody.