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There Are No Senators In Baseball. I Mean, Not Those Senators.

Not football, but OMG roid rage!

I do not particularly care about baseball or its endless bloodletting of a season. I do not care about steroids, at least not any more than I care about other "artificial" performance enhancements like nutrition plans, painkillers and weight lifting. I'm with pre-race baiting William Saletan on this. And Jacob Sullum. And, to an extent, Orson Swindle. These are men throwing a ball and hitting a ball with a stick, and it was thrown and hit at as popular and profitable level as it's ever been thrown or hit in the "tainted" era in question, when apparently everyone who was anyone was doing it, anyway - sounds like a "level playing field" to me. What would hardcore racists like Ty Cobb and philandering alcoholics like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle and unrepentant sociopaths like Ted Williams and those wife-swapping pitchers from the Yankees think of the integrity of their pristine game? Wow, Andy Pettite, you hulking monster, how could you? If baseball would like to render its hall of fame obsolete by sudden, sanctimonious exclusion, I won't protest.

But Congress? Our top policy-making body, arbiter of trillions in confiscated income and an overwhelming monopoly on legitimate violence? Hauling in baseball players? Again? Stop affirming mealymouthed, torture-friendly pawns to the cabinet, then worry about what was injected into Barry Bond's butt, please.