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The Sucker's Bet: Rodriguez to Michigan?

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From the rumor mill, just to say we didn't miss it in case something happens on this over the weekend: Rich Rodriguez is negotiating to become Michigan's next coach. FWIW. (HT: EDSBS)

For the record, there's no way this is true. This is a lie like Santa Claus. No way. Rodriguez pulled out of a "done deal" with Alabama for another shot with his dream system star Pat Slaton last year, and Brian Cook hasn't even mentioned his name as a candidate once prior to this that I have seen. All credible rumor re: Michigan Football flows through MGoBlog. What, he's going to run his pet spread option with Ryan Mallett?

Patent falsehood. Keep your ears peeled.

Major multi-million dollar offers every December? A guy can get used to this.
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