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Gameday Open Thread: All Politics is Local Edition

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Today is a big one for the BCS, both in terms of haters (like me) and supporters/apologists, whoever they are. I've spent a lot of time the past week on the "politics" of the system, and as always I'm rooting for maximum chaos and controversy to keep anyone from suggesting "well, the system worked." If I have any rooting interests, they're purely subversive.

But we'll have none of that today, when we should be reminded that, amid all the national trappings, the basic unit of the sport is still the conference, the regional, neighborhood bragging rights that can't be bestowed by voters or polls or computer rankings. Seven conference championships will be decided in the next twelve hours - only Ohio State in the Big Ten, West Virginia in the Big East, BYU in the Mountain West and Hawaii have their titles in hand already - six of them in direct, head-to-head fashion, unprecedented stakes for a single day. We can sort out the wreckage Monday; today, just get the trophy. Can't argue with that.

All games in play; national television schedule is here. Leave 'em if you got 'em, for the last time in 2007. Bring it home in style.