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I never attended Millsaps College, or thought about it, but it has its place in my life. My dad played there for a year, alongside my uncle, who once (maybe still, I dunno) owned every conceivable Major receiving record. My high school team would take a road trip to watch the state championship games nearby, and we stayed in Millsaps' fieldhouse and played two-hand touch in the dark out on the field. My best friend from high school went there, and there were parties and filthy fraternity couches. I lived practically across the street from campus for a while, good times, and the beloved Saints moved their annual training camp there two years ago.

So, yeah, it's funny and all, but in some small, nostalgic way, thou dost wrong me, Slate:

Remember: these guys have right sideline tendencies! We gotta exploit that! Nicely done, you contratrian bastards.