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Two big losers* in the big picture today...

...and five big winners...

* - Not in the "you're a loser, Costanza. You'll always be a loser" sort of way, but Arizona State and Boston College went from frontrunners to also-rans in a matter of hours, and all precedents suggest it's too late for either to atone. The door is open very wide for Kansas, Oregon, Oklahoma and your new BCS number two/unwilling Russian roulette aficianado, LSU. All part of the ongoing narrowing of the field, and the circle of life in college football.

Set your clocks back tonight, and use the extra hour to catch up on one of the great works of Western literature - Confederacy of Dunces, perhaps? Or work on your resumé for the Nebraska and Texas A&M jobs. That communications degree will pay off for at least on of them.