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Ole Miss Halts Removal of Padding From Coaching Offices, Hires Houston Nutt

One more time, for posterity: "Houston's Theme."

Good riddance, Arkansas, ya crazy hillbillies ... welcome to Mississippi, coach!
- - -
Houston Nutt is an inconsistent winner, an accused filanderer and a magnet for wild-eyed controversy. He'll, uh, fit right in in the Magnolia State.

Actually, I think Nutt did a fine job at Arkansas: three division titles, two ten-win seasons, however many bowl games, etc. He was 18-8 there the last two years with wins over Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee, and was a few minutes away in three very close losses this season from finishing the regular season 11-1, almost entirely with one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the country (Marcus Monk) on the bench. At Arkansas, that's a solid record on the field.

It's not necessarily his fault that the crazy underbelly of his Ozarkan fan base gave the impression the program was careening out of control and helped drive away possibly the program's most significant recruiting class in decades while specializing in vicious personal attacks, lawsuits, and melodramatic amateur sleuthing.

Does the fact that Nutt has frequently done more with less than perhaps any other coach in the SEC make him a good hire for Ole Miss? It's a better hire than Ed Orgeron, because Nutt's had some prior success at the top of a similar program. And if he brings out the worst in Mississippi's fan base the way he did in Arkansas', it will be good for those of us who keep up this game through the offseason. More than good. A little frightening, maybe, but ultimately really, really good. If you can't have Da Coach O to kick around anymore, it's nice to still have Nutt, at least.

Although the change in locale perhaps should be accompanied by a change in accompanying theme music as well – the "Young and the Restless," perhaps? Acoustic version?