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Gameday Open Thread: Leave 'em If You Got 'em...With Venom!

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National TV Schedule (all time Eastern)
Noon Ohio State at Michigan ABC
Noon N’western at Illinois ESPN
Noon Syracuse at UConn ESPN2
Noon Tulsa at Army ESPN Classic
Noon Maryland at Fla. State LF Sports
Noon N. Carolina at Ga. Tech LF Sports
12:30 Missouri at K-State FSN
12:30 Kentucky at Georgia LF Sports
2:30 Duke at Notre Dame NBC
3:30 Miami at Va. Tech ABC (map)
3:30 Penn St. at Mich. St. ABC (map)
3:30 Iowa St. at Kansas ABC (map)
3:30 Cal at Washington ABC (map)
3:30 LSU at Ole Miss CBS
7:00 Okla. State a Baylor FSN
7:30 So. Miss at UTEP ESPN2
7:45 West Va. at Cincinnati ESPN
7:45 Boston Coll. at Clemson ESPN2
8:00 Oklahoma at Tx. Tech ABC
8:00 L’ville at So. Florida ESPNU
Today's slate of games being what it is - the morbid, sideshow curiosity of Duke-Notre Dame is perhaps the most fascinating of the worst mid-afternoon lineup in years, one that features only one game (Penn State-Michigan State) between two winning teams, and that only in the Great Lakes and Rust Belt states, with nothing particular at stake - the story of the day barring an Ole Miss/Iowa State/Kansas State/Texas Tech upset will be Ohio State-Michigan.

For new readers, or "brotherhood of man" types outside the Midwest (or the South, where there's an intuitive understanding of such matters), a quick primer on the right and wrong way to think about this classic collision for the Rose Bowl:

- - -

- - -

- - -

- - -

Don't forget big games in the ACC and Big East on the WWL tonight, simultaneously (dammit), but as always, all games are in play.